Pusat Komersial Kesang (For Sale – 2 Storey Shop Ofiice Lot)

One of our developing project for commercial centre, joint venture with a partner and our company is responsible with the construction works. Basically the land lot was freehold for agriculture purpose, but due to the location is so strategic for future whereby located at mid section between Malacca and Muar state and the only joint of highway and general road access, we successfully converted to commercial purpose with much effort and commenced work after then.

Nearby had many new built facility and quite an area that didn’t overlooked by state of Muar where they tend to improvise it. There were 2 recreation park, 2 secondary school within 5km, 1 Rural Transformation Centre, 1 Manipal medical college and some tourist attraction or park.

To be short, this area had been valued much more by Muar as much as we do in future. While we build, if you’re interested to invest or expand your business with new shop, don’t hesitate to contact us.

For more details of the shop lot, please do visit our project page & tagged location here:-
Pusat Komersial Kesang
2.122320, 102.504820

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